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January 18, 2024
What happens if you don't probate a will in Orange County, California?

What Happens If You Don’t Probate a Will in Orange County, California?

At Sweeney Probate Law, we understand what you are feeling as you learn that you need to probate your recently deceased loved one’s estate. You may be hoping you can settle it yourself, or you might think that not dealing with it will cause it to resolve itself. However, it is essential to move the probate process forward to fulfill your loved one’s wishes and respect their legacy. A California probate attorney can help you […]
January 16, 2024
What is the process of probate in California?

What Is the Process of Probate in Orange County, California?

The death of a loved one in your life is already emotional and stressful, and then being thrust into the probate process can cause the whole situation to become overwhelming. While many people know about probate, they don’t often understand the ins and outs of the process. This is when choosing an experienced California probate lawyer, who knows the complexities of probate law, can be the right choice for you to alleviate some of that […]
January 15, 2024
Is probate mandatory in California?

Is Probate Mandatory in Orange County, California?

Your loved one just passed away, leaving you with many loose ends to tie up, such as what to do with their property, vehicles, investments, money, and other assets. Even if they had a will, you will most likely experience probate. This can leave you with questions and a legal process that an experienced California probate attorney may be able to help you with. Testate vs. Intestate Probate It is commonly believed that if a […]