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March 18, 2023
What happens if you can't find the will?

What Happens If You Can’t Find the Will?

Sometimes, an individual dies without making a will. This person is considered to have died intestate. Often, it is unclear if they made a will at all. The first thing to establish is whether the will exists or not. In some cases, a person who is not the deceased or the executor may have the will. They may have filed it with the superior court. If you find this to be the case, then a […]
March 12, 2023
Tips for dividing your California estate without dividing your family

Tips for Dividing Your California Estate Without Dividing Your Family

It is incredibly difficult for a family to come together in the shadow of a loved one’s death. It can be even more difficult to have a respectful and clear conversation about finances. This combines one of the greatest tragedies any of us is likely to face with the stresses of money management. This can lead to a lot of conflict and animosity. Even the best of us can have trouble with either of these […]
March 11, 2023
How long does probate take in California?

How Long Does Probate Take in California?

Sometimes, when a loved one or other relative dies, there are other conditions, either in the will or around a will, that require the court to become involved in the process. Probate is the process by which the court settles an estate. Probate can occur for many reasons. These include proving the validity of a will, settling debts and taxes, or appointing a legal representative for the deceased. In complicated situations, it can also be […]