California Probate And Foreign Wills

William Sweeney

If you or a loved one recently moved to California, it's important to consider the status of your estate planning instruments as you settle into your new residence. If you prepared a will in another state or a foreign country, you want to ensure it is valid in California by speaking with a lawyer experienced in handling probate matters in California. At Sweeney Probate Law, I will explain the California Probate Code and your options.

Is My Foreign Will Valid In California?

Under California Probate Code §6113, there are select criteria for establishing the validity of an out-of-state or foreign will:

  • The will was executed in compliance with the prevailing laws in California.
  • The will was executed in compliance with the laws where the decedent resided, kept a residence or was a national.
  • The will was executed in compliance with the laws of the place where it was executed.

As your attorney, I will sit down with you in person and discuss the status of your foreign will while explaining how the above issues apply to you. Although the California probate process can be complex, I have experience handling these matters and will help you and your family through any challenges that may arise, such as understanding the role of an out-of-state administrator or executor and the processes associated with ancillary probate.

To learn more about probate and the processes associated with foreign wills, take a moment to read through our articles archive.

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